About Us

Sonali Hospital Muzaffarpur

Sonali Hospital is a 100 bedded Multi-Specialty Hospital. Sonali Hospital is providing comprehensive medical resource under the roof. It is the first Burn hospital in North Bihar and its equipped with State of Art, and ancillary facilities. 

Sonali Hospital was established in 2019 to serve the affordable and High Quality medical treatment to the patients. 

>>100 Bedded Multispeciality Hospital
>>Ayushman Bharat Yojana and Others TPA(Health Insurance Facilities)
>>Emergency and Trauma Care 24 hours

We Provide World Class Patient Health Care Services

Every part of our hospital is completely dedicated to patient care and their treatment.

Our standard infrastructure is designed for complete safety, surety and trust worthy to our patient hospital relationship. Our team is fully trained and experienced. we provide our affordable services to every person suffering from illness. Our thought and mission is to develop a hospital that really care and provide a world class services in Bihar.


Complete Cases


Expert Staff

Why Choose Us

We are ready to face every challenge of patience service. We are here to make you healthy for a happy life from your illness.

High Quality Services

We are equipped with high class equipments and well trained staffs team.

Unmatched Expertise

Team of our doctors are highly expert in their specialties.

Recovery Result

Our consultation has a good health recovery result that makes you worry free for your health.

Experienced Team

We have a complete well educated and well experienced team for your health services.

Our Doctors

Dr. Amrendra Kumar

M.S (Surgery), M.Ch (Plastic Surgery), D.N.B (Surgery), F.RE.C.s. (U.K.) Pediatric Surgery

Dr. Awadesh Prasad Singh

M.S. (Surgery) Specialty –  General and Laparoscopic Surgeon

Dr. Rahul Janak Sinha

MS, (surgery), M.Ch. (Urology)

Dr. (Prof.) Arvind Kumar

MS (Ortho.), Orthopedic Surgeon – Bone, Joint and Nerve

Dr. A. Rajan

MBBS, DTM & H, D.N.B. (Anaesth. & Critical Care)

Dr. Abhimanyu Anat

M.S.(Surgery), M.CH.(Urology)

Dr. Namrata Singh

MBBS, D.G.O. Consultant Gynecologist

Dr. Snehlata

M.D, Consultant Gynecologist

Dr. Santosh Kumar

M.D,(Paediatrics), Consultant Paediatrician & Neonatologist

Dr. Konark Singh

MDS, Consultant Endodonist

Dr. Navneet

M.D. (Medicine) Consultant & Diabetologist

Dr. D. K. Singh

BDS(Hons), MDS Dental Surgeon & Prosthodontist, Implantology & Orthodontist, Ex-Principal & Professor Head, Patna Dental College & Hospital, Patna

Dr. Dhanesh Kumar Singh

MBBS, DPH (CAL), Medical Suprintendent

Dr. Abhash Kumar

BDS(Hons), M.D.S, Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Anju Singh

MDS, Consultant Pedoddonist

Dr. Shivangi

BDS, Consultant Dental Surgeon

Dr. Rashmi

BDS, Consultant Dental Surgeon